HADCO has developed a framework called an sDAO, which is a simple process for bringing real world hard assets like real-estate and IP ‘on chain’ in crypto.

Starting with the successfully completed Montana Land sDAO we are running a series of sDAOs acquiring different types of real world hard assets and ‘tokenizing’ them on-chain.

For these early sDAOs HADCO plays the role of: (1) Forming new sDAOs & doing capital formation to acquire real world hard assets. (2) Managing the real world assets on behalf of the sDAO members.

Long term, the goal is an open source template where many different parties have the knowledge and fluency to use our framework to do their own offerings and/or manage real world assets on behalf of other sDAOs.


The current legal technical name of HADCO is the Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, LLC. The idea was born out of Slow Ventures (http://www.slow.co/) an early-stage focused Venture Capital firm based out of San Francisco and Boston. Slow Ventures has been deeply invested in the crypto ecosystem for years. Seeding crypto projects like Solana, Dimo, Klaytn, Chia, Aleo, Algorand, Ampleforth, Lightning Labs, Fold Wallet, River, And Many More .

HADCO is being managed by Sam Lessin , Clay Robbins , and Caroline Cline


(1) To Unlock Real World Asset Value Through Crypto Liquidity Many real-world hard assets are under-valued because they are illiquid. Liquidity is a valuable property for any asset, but outside of the biggest public equities is hard to come by. Using crypto tools to unlock easier liquidity for hard assets in the real world can create a lot of value.

(2) To Empower Crypto Wtih Real Assets In theory, crypto offers an amazing next generation financial platform for assets. However, in pratice the impact is quite limited by a real lack of investment grade assets that are accessible within crypto. We believe that bringing real world hard assets, and real world cashflows, into the crypto context is key to allowing crypto technology to reach its full potential.

Note: All sDAOs are Reg D, Rule 506c offerings commensurate with US Securities law.